Be proud: How to rewrite your resume with achievements

LionYour existing resume might describe your jobs and responsibilities well, but the goal of a resume is to distinguish you from the masses and get an interview. Focus on quantifiable results, achievements and transferable skills to get the best response from your resume.

Responsibilities are not always indicative of performance. Job descriptions are usually much more comfortable for people to put on their resume, but changing the focus from the job history to your accomplishments and what you have to offer is an extremely effective change.

Just because you managed to keep the job doesn’t mean you’re worth hiring. Job descriptions are specific to the company and position, but accomplishments are universal assets that speak to the unique value you can offer an employer.

Your resume is an advertisement, not a biography. Titles and job descriptions that could apply to lots of different people in lots of different jobs will actually do the reverse of what you want – make you sound like everyone else. The reader can nearly always infer what you did in the position from the job title, so don’t waste space repeating what they already know.

Achievements are much more important to hiring staff than what you were responsible for. Effective resumes are accomplishment driven, not responsibilities driven. Quantifying what you did and why it could help a new employer is a lot more important than your story.

Details lend credibility to your qualifications. If you’re describing your last position as a lion tamer, instead of saying “Responsible for taming the lions,” share your specific, unique story with details like “Tamed over 55 adult lions to perform highly advanced tricks in 3-ring circus performances worldwide.” Continue to name more specifics like where in the world the performances were, how many people attended, what kinds of lions you tamed, names of the tricks the lions did … Details demonstrate and “prove” your skills so you’re not lost in the crowd.

It’s easier to believe you’re awesome if you give examples. Challenge-Action-Results (CAR) statements can help define your contributions and strengthen your resume. The lion tamer might use something like “Developed new tricks for challenging young trainees and reduced taming time with refined lion training program.”

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