More self assessment for resume writing

Portrait of pretty woman and reflectionIt’s easy to forget that everyone who earns an interview is qualified for the job. What about you is compelling enough to turn down the other qualified candidates? Why you? What can you over-deliver on? How will you sell yourself? How will you differentiate yourself? What can you promise an employer?

What’s your superpower – your unique value? Beyond that, what’s rare and critical about your superpower? How can you prove it with examples? What have you been recognized for? What have you done that someone else wouldn’t have?

Your competition is tough. They’ve hired professional resume writers, they’re articulate and their career is peppered with top-notch accomplishments. You need a marketing plan for yourself. Start with a professionally written resume and follow up with a strategic job search. Develop a unified message that flows fluidly from your resume to your email communication, LinkedIn and other online marketing (like Twitter) to the interview.

Why should someone hire you over someone else with all the qualifications? The same qualifications, years of experience, or skills that will be on someone else’s resume don’t count. Dig deep to figure out just what you, and only you, can offer. Look back at what you’ve done and the ways you’ve made a difference in the places you’ve worked. Be prepared to brag about them with explicit detail, numbers and stories.

To close the deal, you’ll also need to answer how your unique value proposition will help your future employer. How can someone deploy your amazing skills? Just because you’re awesome doesn’t mean they can deploy you in their organization. Show them how by thinking long and hard about what you have to offer and how it relates to the position in question. Package and present your unique value proposition well and you might just find yourself with multiple offers!

Our professional resume writers can help you figure out your superpowers! Invest in your future with a Shiny New Resume that speaks to your unique value and weaves parallel stories from your past to your future. Get started working with a professional resume writer online today. We’ll make you shine!

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